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If there is one word to describe the foreign trade industry in 2021, I think it must be "increase".
It is an indisputable fact that the prices of raw materials collectively rise, and the manufacturing industry is the first to be affected. High raw material prices have increased production costs and compressed existing profit margins. For this reason, many companies will use price increases to ease the pressure caused by the rising prices of upstream raw materials.
Will the customer accept it? Most customers will inquire again and again, and eventually the company with low price will win, which means that the price war will become more and more fierce. The prices of raw materials have skyrocketed, packaging cost have risen, labor cost have risen year by year, and freight cost have risen every week. Companies struggle to survive without stopping to optimize processes and find out balance point. In the long run, the entire industry will develop more and more professional and sophisticated.
You might ask why companies don't prepare more raw materials? I have been doing foreign trade over the past ten years, there are fewer and fewer customers who can do a lot of inventory. I think the reasons are same. In order to control costs,raw materials are only stocked in an appropriate amount. When the price is high to a certain level, it means that the company's stocking risk is greater and there is no way to stock up.

 In previous years, we would persuade customers to place orders earlier before Christmas to ease the pressure on shipments before China Lunar New Year. One month before New Year, domestic express delivery will be suspended one after another, or the price increase will be notified at a certain time. And all customers want to ship the goods before New Year. In the face of the accumulated orders, the company will work overtime. However, workers will inevitably take time off and go home for the New Year.The labor shortage is also a problem that companies have to solve in this period of time. When goods are finally ready, part of the orders will be sent to the warehouse by logistics company, and part will be sent by our full-time driver.
Can the goods be delivered directly to the warehouse? Normally, it is possible.But it is impossible before Lunar New Year. All major ports like Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port need to solve warehouse explosion every year. Then you have to line up all night. It’s freezing outside. The driver usually alone and can’t leave the car for too long. No one is willing to line up in an endless line, so we need to communicate with him and send red envelopes to soothe the driver’s emotions. He usually drive long distances. If the car breaks down at this time, it would be a disaster. However,our driver will finally send the goods to warehouse.The delivery staff of logistics company take the goods to the queue early in the morning every day. If it’s dark but still can’t get in, they usually pull the goods back and queue up again next day.If you want to have your goods in the car, you also need red envelope to cheer them up.
You might say why don't you want to jump in the queue to deliver goods into the warehouse? Because everyone wants to jump in the queue, so in the end, everyone only can wait in line slowly.
The National Day in 2021 is Oct.1-Oct.7. We strongly recommended that pls arrange order in advance after this festival. This is not the formalism in the email every year. I have been doing foreign trade for 10 years, and it is the first time to see such skyrocketing raw materials and shipping cost.Hope that we will still be your best and most professional business partner in 2022!



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