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Where to place the container seal?

Container bolt seals are made of galvanized low carbon steel wrapped in ABS, to withstand all types of weather conditions and protects against corrosion. "H" is molded onto the bolt and cylinder to indicate "High Security”. Each seal-lock can be used only once. 
All shipping containers transported via ocean freight, be it FCL shipping or LCL shipping, are required to be secured using specific shipping container seals to make sure that the container has been properly closed and locked. 

What is a container seal number?
Each seal has a unique identification number that is used to confirm that it has not been changed during the container’s voyage. For additional security and protection, both bolt and cylinder are printed with serial number.

How to seal a shipping container?
Heavy-duty container seals may come in a variety of shapes, types, sizes, and price range. Shipping lines have their own policies with regards to the acceptance of the different types of seals. When lock the door, just simply push the bolt into locking head until it locked.

Where to place the container seal?
When shipping a container, securing your merchandise should be one of your main priorities. There are two lock rods on container door. The seal can be put either on one or both of the lock rods. That means If required, you can put an additional seal on the left door.

How many seals should put on a container?
It is compulsory for every shipping container should have at least 1 seal in the right place.
How to remove container seal?
Maritime containers need to be secured and locked to prevent pilferage and tampering of the goods within, until it is removed by the customer at the destination. Container seals are removed by bolt cutters. This ensures that there is no scope for opening and refitting.



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