Meter Seals

  • Transparent Twist Meter Seal AS-MT002
  • Transparent Twist Meter Seal AS-MT002
  • Transparent Twist Meter Seal AS-MT002
Transparent Twist Meter Seal AS-MT002Transparent Twist Meter Seal AS-MT002Transparent Twist Meter Seal AS-MT002

Transparent Twist Meter Seal AS-MT002

  • Brand Name: ALKESEAL
  • Material: Transparent PC/ABS
  • Style: Disposable, tamper-evident
  • Port: Shanghai/Ningbo
  • Product description: Transparent Twist Meter Seal AS-MT002

Meter seals are mainly used as tamper-indicative seals on utility meters. They are not intended to stop or impede unauthorized access to the meter. Their primary purpose is to record that tampering of the meter has taken place. The seal requires no tools for installation and can be quickly and easily applied. The printing is highly durable and clearly visible.


Model No.: AS-MT002

Body Material: Transparent Polycarbonate

Insert Material: ABS

Wire Material: Copper, stainless or PVC coated. We are also able to supply various sealing wires on rolls. Please contact us for further information.

Exposed Wire Length: Customized


Standard: Yellow, red, blue, green, orange or customized

Custom: According to the sample or Panton No.


Printing Type: Laser printing

Printing Content: Company name/logo, sequential numbers, barcode and etc.

Instruction: Insert the wire end through the hole and turn the knob.

Payment: T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union and Credit Card

Samples: We can send free samples in freight collect.


  • One way rotating locking mechanism prevents the wire from being backed out.

  • The flag has sufficient space for laser printing. The last three digits can be laser engraved on the insert.

  • Transparent see through type can provide clear indication of tampering.

  • The seal is designed for a single use only and if tampered by any means or by using sharp instrument, it shall show damage marks and shall not be capable of being restored to its original position.

  • Laser printing is permanent and cannot be removed or replaced without showing clear evidence of tampering. And it resistant to oils greases and fuels.

If the security seal you require is not listed, please feel free to contact us. We have the security seal that meet your requirements.

Standard Packaging:100pcs /bag,5000pcs /carton
Mark:Every carton will have a sticker to show products details

Recommended Applications

  • Water meters

  • Gas meters

  • Electric meters

  • Taxi meters

  • Pumps

  • Scales

  • Cabinets

  • Drums


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